Useful 3D Printed Parts

Blue Box Bots has a long history of utilizing 3D printed parts in the robot and driver station.

Below is a list of parts designed by current and past members.

You can also visit our page on Thingiverse for more parts we have designed and use.

FFUTSE files to print

Blue Box Bots has signed on to the Freight Frenzy Universal Team Shipping Element standard in an effort to further adoption of a design that allows teams flexibility in implementation while guaranteeing compatibility in stacking during end-game. The standard was developed by team 6832 - Iron Reign and more info is available here. We encourage all teams to consider adoption of this standard. A CAD model of a printable element designed by Blue Box Bots is available here.

Vex Compliant Wheel Mounts

Mount two VEX compliant wheels on a goBILDA pattern - great for spinning the carousel in Freight Frenzy.

Battery Holder

Securely mount and protect the REV slim battery, designed to mount to goBILDA parts.

Power Switch Housing

Designed to recess the REV power switch to protect from accidental contact.