The Challenges


In the POWERPLAY℠ , teams will compete in an energy-driven game and test the limits of performance, efficiency, and endurance as they power their innovations forward.

Starts September, 2022 - Accepting member and mentor applications now.


In FREIGHT FRENZY, teams and their robots must navigate a complex transportation system by traversing barriers and racing against time to load and deliver essential items to those who need them most.


In ULTIMATE GOAL, teams will attempt to score as many points as possible by launching discs at designated targets. This year, the rules and field setup are different based on whether teams are competing remotely or in-person.


In SKYSTONE, teams worked with droid allies to build a superstructure of the future. They topped it off with a crown of achievement—a final capstone to symbolize our reach into the sky, and dreams of a hopeful future.


In ROVER RUCKUS, teams compete to score points by scanning Glyphs into Cryptoboxes, transferring Relics to the Recovery Zone, retrieving Jewels, balancing on the Balancing Stones, and collecting Minerals to place into the cargo holds of a lander.