Building a robot to compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge requires a lot of resources. The team must have a place to work, tools to build the robot, and most importantly, parts and materials. It can cost several thousand dollars each year to have a competitive team.

It would not be possible to sustain an FTC team without the generous support of sponsors in the engineering, robotics, and local communities.

If you would like to help support Blue Box Bots, please fill out our Sponsorship Form.

We'd like to give a shout out to all our generous sponsors below!

Illinois 4-H Foundation

Blue Box Bots is part of a 4-H robotics SPIN (SPecial INterest) Club. They provide teams with financial support if they advance to national level competitions, insurance, and collect tax-deductible donations on our behalf.

Anguleris Technologies graciously donates prime store-front location space in downtown Elgin, IL for the Blue Box Bots team HQ & workshop.

Onshape provides free educational licenses to robotics teams, giving us access to advanced design and modeling tools that normally cost over $1500 per year per user.


FIRST Illinois Robotics has provided a generous grant and additional support for COVID measures to ensure a safe and healthy season.

Bethlehem Preschool Center

Northwest Electric Motor Company

Schwartz Pediatrics