Drive Coach Training Materials

The IMportance of Drive Coaching

The Drive Coach role started as a time keeper. As the FIRST seasons progressed, the team realized that the Drivers were only focused on the robot and couldn't watch the entire field. The Drive Coach now plays a strategic role, monitoring the full field and providing tactical guidance to the Drivers throughout each match.

In the 2021-2022 season we started to share our approach with other teams, as we saw that that many Drive Coaches are still limited to the time keeper role.

We provided in-person training for 12 other teams and have published resources for more teams to use.

Our team's recommendations for how the Drive Coach can be a critical part of successful matches.

All strategies start with understanding the rules.

Print a map of the field to draw out strategies with your team and alliance partners. Laminate and use dry-erase markers for a more durable solution.

Use a pit checklist to ensure your team covers all critical steps for preparation before each match. Never forget a fresh battery again!