Blue Box Bots

Blue Box Bots is a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team based in Elgin, IL. Our goal is to build innovative, competitive robots to tackle annual FTC challenges. Please take a look around to learn more about us!

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What we do

We Design

We use OnShape to create accurate models of our robots, components, and subsystems. We are able to design custom parts that can be 3D printed and added to the robot. Several of our custom part designs have been uploaded to Thingiverse and used by other teams.

We Build

We use a mixture of commercial-off-the-shelf parts and 3D-printed parts to build our robots. We often solve a key aspect of the FTC Challenge by designing and fabricating custom pieces. Our innovative solutions have led to being awarded several Design Awards.

We Program

The Challenge consists of a 30 second autonomous period before our drivers pick up the controls to complete the Challenge. We use Java for developing both autonomous scripts and driver-controlled functions. We train new members by using an FTC Blocks programming tool that converts to Java.

We Reach Out

Getting involved with the community and inspiring tomorrow's innovators are important parts of FTC. We take part in many outreach opportunities including Expos, demos, and fundraisers. If you are interested in hosting our team for a demonstration please let us know.

We Compete

We are very proud to be a highly competitive team in our division. We consistently build a top-performing robot and can be relied on by our alliance partners to deliver. We have advanced to the IL State competition three times and once moved onto the World Championship.

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